Who We Are

ARC works to foster an equity-oriented, culturally safe, and decolonizing environment for excellence in teaching, learning, research, policy, and service. In alignment with UBC’s stance on racism, the School of Nursing acknowledges that systemic racism affects all facets of society, including academic institutions, health care delivery, and health outcomes. The members of the School of Nursing commit to taking action based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s directions aimed at redressing an array of historical and ongoing colonial harms affecting Indigenous peoples, and the ongoing calls to disrupt the harms of systemic racism on Black people, and People of Colour. Within the context of UBC’s commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, we strive to create an environment where people of all identities are respected and encouraged to participate in dialogue and learning.

Domains of Action

Colour block graphic: Culture and Climate, Teaching and Learning, Research and Scholarship, School Governance and UBC Initiatives, Places and Sapces, Recruitment, Retention, Promotion

Our Goals

To build a welcoming, diverse School of Nursing for all that functions as a model, leader and facilitator of structural change throughout the university and health care by:

Creating anti-racist culture,

Embedding an anti-racist orientation in all structures, policies, and practices,

Building the capacity of all faculty, staff and students to take a leadership role in creating antiracist culture in the academy, the nursing profession, clinical settings, and health care system,

Engaging in diverse stakeholder communities.